Thanksgiving To-Do List


One of the things that I’ve learned is that if I don’t make lists when I’m having a big gathering at my house then ultimately something or someone is going to be forgotten! So it’s no different for my Thanksgiving gathering!

My Thanksgiving To-Do list for this year started out small but has been steadily growing.  The guests have been invited but I still need to do the shopping and of course the cleaning.   I keep adding to the shopping list and I have big ideas about cleaning the carpet before Thanksgiving.  Not sure this one will happen!

Some list suggestions are:

1. Make the invitation list. By making an invitation list, you can visually see who you are intending to invite and who’s been left off the list. You can also use the list to check off the person’s name when they’ve been invited and whether they have responded with a “yes” or a “no”.

2. Make a menu. This serves several purposes. You can get an idea of whether you are going to have too much food or not enough food. You can know what ingredients you are going to need for each dish and check your pantry to see if you are going to need to add any of the dish ingredients to the grocery list.

3. Make a grocery list. Double check your menu list against what you have in your pantry. Stick to your food budget by using coupons and sales to help reduce the cost of the food for the gathering.

4. Make a list of household chores that you absolutely want done before the gathering, then delegate jobs to your hubby and kids.

5. At the top of everyone of my lists, I’ve added the following….DOUBLE CHECK THE SAGE!!! BUY SOME NEW SAGE IF NEEDED!!! It’s one thing I usually forget and if I include it on each list then I know I’ll at some point check the sage to make sure it’s still good and if not I’ll replace it.

What are some ways that you get ready for your Thanksgiving get togethers? Leave us a comment we’d love to hear from you! Be sure to stop by our page at Facebook and leave us a comment there too!

Till next time!

JT Locke
The Frugal Housewife

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