Helpful Tip Saturday — Frugal “Did you know…”

Did you know…
  1. grating your own cheese is cheaper than buying the pre-grated bags of cheese.
  2. you can wash and reuse plastic “zippy” bags.
  3. you can wash and reuse aluminum foil.
  4. that using a spatula to scrape the inside of jars can get almost all of the contents out of a near empty jar.
  5. cutting a whole chicken yourself may be cheaper than buying one already cut up (depends on the stores in your area or if the already cut ones are on sale).

These are all pretty simple ideas that sometimes we forget.  What are some frugal “Did you know’s…” that you know that are not on the list?  Add them to the comments and in a later post, I’ll republish a new “Did you know…” post with your comments and a link to your blog beside them!!!

Till next time,

JT Locke
The Frugal Housewife

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