Helpful Tip Saturday — Saving Money by Reusing Aluminum Foil

When you are trying to lead a frugal lifestyle, you look for ways to reuse different things.  One of the things that I look for are ways to reuse is aluminum foil.

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A couple of weeks ago, in the “Did You Know” Helpful Saturday Tips, I wrote about washing aluminum foil and reusing it. What are some ways you can reuse aluminum foil?

  1. Reuse the larger pieces of aluminum foil to line the bottom of the oven to catch any overflows of dishes you cook. I always do this when I’m making a peach cobbler.  It will almost always overflow.
  2. Wrap vegetables in aluminum foil to cook on the grill. Grilled vegetables are great.  Wrapping them in aluminum foil will prevent the open flames from burning them.
  3. Cookie sheets wrapped in aluminum foil are easier to clean. Spraying the cookie sheet with aluminum foil makes the pan even easier to clean.  Most of the time all you will need to do is whip off the cookie sheet.

A tip when washing aluminum foil:  Make sure that the aluminum foil is dry before storing.

These are just a few ways to reuse aluminum foil.  What are some ways that you reuse aluminum foil?

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JT Locke
The Frugal Housewife

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  1. says

    Why is it that I never thought about washing and re-using aluminum foil?

    Then again, I’ve read a lot about how aluminum is bad for cooking as it leeches into your food and poisons you. This is especially true for tomatoes, and is why teflon cookware has gotten such a bad rep lately – because when the teflon is scratched, there is aluminum underneath.

    Aside from that though, great tips!

  2. says

    Your post reminds me of my great grandmother. She used to save her tin foil in this big, tin foil ball. I don’t know that she ever used it. She just saved it. She did the same with rubber bands. I don’t know if she thought we would get invaded by aliens one day and her big tin foil and rubber band balls would save the world or if she just thought the balls were pretty, but the ball was always in the kitchen cabinet next to the sink. She died a few years ago, but, knowing my grandmother/her daughter, who also can’t throw anything away, the big tin foil ball and rubber band ball are probably still in the cabinet where my great grandmother left it.

    I wish she had tried making tin foil animals. Much cooler.

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