8 Spooky Easy Halloween Cupcake Recipes

8 Spooky Easy Halloween Cupcake Recipes

These eight easy Halloween Cupcakes will be a great addition to your Halloween party table!
(Originally published October 30, 2017, Updated August 8, 2020)

3 carved pumpkins with a light in the inside.  Photo used for Pinterest pin for The Frugal Housewife's Spooky Easy Cupcakes post.

Need ideas for your Halloween cupcakes?  We are here to help you with Halloween cupcake ideas that are sure to be a big hit at your Halloween party.

You can make your own cupcakes from scratch or start with a boxed mix and follow the decorating instructions in each cupcake recipe!

These 8 Halloween Cupcakes are super easy to make and will help make your Halloween party table look extra spooky!

1. Halloween Oreo Spider Cupcakes by Your Cup of Cake

Chocolate cupcakes topped with an oreo and pretzels to look like a spider.

We love recipes that have a “How to” video included and this one does!

2. Witch Hat Cupcakes by Crayons and Cravings

Step by step photos to help you make these cupcakes put these cupcakes to the top of our list!

Witch Hat Cupcakes by Crayones and Cravings

3. Cute & Easy Halloween Cupcakes by Crazy Little Projects

Cute & Easy Halloween Cupcakes by Crazy Little Projects

We love these cupcakes because they are super easy to decorate! These cute Halloween cupcakes only take about 10 minutes to decorate!

4. Halloween Confetti Cupcakes by Love and Olive Oil

Zombies and Halloween! Super spooky! These cute cupcakes are super easy to decorate and will look great on your Halloween party table!

Cupcakes decorated with purple icing and confetti dots with a little zombie toy sitting beside it.

5. Candy Corn Cupcakes by The Girl Who Ate Everything

Cupcakes with layers of orange and yellow like a candy corn.

Your Halloween party table would not be complete without some candy corn! Don’t like candy corn? No problem! Try these cute Halloween cupcakes!

6. Halloween Cupcake Toppers by Sarah Hearts

Cupcake toppers are the easiest way to decorate cupcakes! Your cupcakes will look beautiful with these Halloween cupcake toppers!

Chocolate cupcakes with white frosting topped with scary orange and white cupcake toppers featuring spiders and ghosts!

7. Spider Cupcakes for Halloween by Five Heart Home

Spider Cupcakes by Five Heart Home

These Spider Cupcakes are dipped in mini chocolate chips after they are frosted to make the spider body! Yum!

8. Spooky Halloween Eyeball Punch & Graveyard Cupcakes by Happiness is Homemade

We love these cupcakes! They are super easy to make and decorate plus you get the recipe for Eyeball Punch!

Spooky Halloween Eyeball Punch & Graveyard Cupcakes by Happiness is Homemade

We couldn’t stop at just eight! We found these and wanted to also include these cupcakes that are also super easy to make!

You have to have something to put all those cupcakes on! We found this cute Halloween Cupcake Stand that you make!

BONUS: Halloween Cupcake Stand by Mod Podge Rocks

Change up the look of your table by making your own cupcake stand!

homemade cupcake stand by Mod Podge Rocks

Which cupcakes are your favorite?  Leave us a comment and let us know which ones you like best!

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Written by Jen T. Locke

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Jen T. Locke is a God fearing, Jesus loving wife, mom, and grandmother
who loves to share her love of Jesus and money-saving tips and ideas with you.

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